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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post  Stoned Hacker on Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:07 pm

1. Respect all Hack Industries Users.
2. Don't post Warez, Cracks, Serials or other Illegal Content (And don't ask for it)
3. Don't post any P0rn videos, pictures, site links etc..
4. No Hacking help here, for sites, msn , icq, yahoo all.. (don't ask or ban)
5. Don't make any advertising here for websites without the ok from our Admins
6. Dont post infected files public or private like over msn,icq, pm etc..
7. Don't post any copyright stuff without the ok from the owner (Give Credits If Possible)
8. Don't spam admins/mods with pm..use the search button or open a new topic and always use google!
10. No racism posts here.
11. Don't spam and flood here
12. Don't post here any email, msn, icq, IP addresses and other private datas
13. Be friendly, helpful and have consideration for our new members
14. Don't say thanks on old Topiccs
15. Try to use the code function for linking stuff
16. Don't overplay with posted images..hold them small or post thumbnails
17. 1 account per user, if we find more (and we do) then u will be banned
18. Always use the right section for your posting
19. If you share our posts, then give Credits to the owner and use your own mirrors
20. Don't overplay with your signature size max high 400 and max width 700
21. Don't talk in Board Chat about Hacker Tools, where to download them etc.

You Break The Rules You WILL be Banned

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